The GOSPEL is the message of GOOD NEWS for the people of a world that is dying, suffering, in pain, and imperfect. While longing for a better COMMUNITY, we meet a person who communes with us as one who is a FRIEND to SINNERS and a LIGHT to a world in DARKNESS.

God in his GOODNESS formed a master plan to SAVE the world from SIN and CONDEMNATION.

God in his LOVE sent his only son Jesus into this world to SAVE those who would BELIEVE in his name.

God in his HOLINESS needed to act upon every SIN and act of REBELLION of the very beings he CREATED

God in his JUSTICE could not spare WRATH deserved for SINNERS, so he did not spare his own son who serves as a RANSOM for many.

God in his POWER raised Jesus from the DEAD, so that we who BELIEVE will, with that same POWER, also RISE with him as the CURSE of DEATH is lifted off of our shoulders. 

Then, God in his GOODNESS, LOVE, HOLINESS, JUSTICE, and POWER credit to us the RIGHTEOUSNESS that Jesus solely deserved. In the name of Jesus, the POOR are made RICH, the WEAK are made STRONG, the BLIND are made to SEE, the CAPTIVES are set FREE. Though acting in REBELLION against him, he no longer views us as REBELS but as SONS and DAUGHTERS. Though FAILING in our works, we are granted PEACE with God. He asks us to TRUST in him, that he has DONE every good act in his Son. So we RUN with ENDURANCE because of Christ's LONG-SUFFERING on the cross, we FIGHT with STRENGTH because of Christ transferred his STRENGTH to us and took on our WEAKNESS, we APPROACH in CONFIDENCE because of the High Priest who grants us ACCESS as HOLY ONES and as his BELOVED.

We CAN'T, but Christ COULD and HAS. This is the GOSPEL.